How We Work

At Dilish Cleaning Services Pty Ltd, we employ rigorous, high-quality management principles across our entire organisation. This results in a highly efficient and comprehensive service that our clients can trust implicitly. With regards to your requirements, we implement a three-tiered approach, resulting in a high quality, personalised service.

Dedicated Site Supervisor

Your site supervisor is your main point of contact and is responsible for the day-today management of staff and ensuring a consistently high quality service.

Customer Service Manager

As a support mechanism for the site supervisor, your Customer Service Manager will be responsible for conducting regular site audits, ensuring that cleaning standards are performed to a high level, and weekly priorities are set and achieved.

State Operations Manager

Our State Operations Manager meets with your team on a monthly basis, or as necessary, to conduct additional audits and to discuss any additional or unique cleaning requirements.

Approachable & Accountable

Your Site Supervisor & Customer Service Manager are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with cleaning and maintenance issues – it’s like having your own Building or Facility Manager, without the massive overheads!

Primarily, their role is to successfully induct cleaning staff into your premises to execute your cleaning plan as per your requirements, with no disruption to you whatsoever. Additionally, they will follow up with you and offer ongoing quality control and support.

Progressive Communications Systems

The Dilish Cleaning Services Pty Ltd, Integrated Management System

In 2016, we became a service Company in Melbourne. Our highly innovative Integrated IMS is used across the organization to efficiently and effectively manage staff, collaborate on tasks and communicate with our customers, resulting in highly efficient service that delivers the utmost in accountability.